The Hidden Charms of Los Angeles: Exploring Its Exclusive Escort Scene

Consumerist society allows us to purchase almost anything, including people. LA Escort services allow men to hire attractive women for sexual pleasure and companionship purposes – the best of these being licensed companies. A licensed escort must pass a comprehensive background check and undergo ongoing training to ensure their clients’ safety. California laws are strict regarding prostitution without proper licenses; anyone engaging in prostitution without proper documentation will likely face prosecution. An effective way to avoid being scammed by unlicensed escorts is using an escort directory with verified providers, like RS2K or Preferred411. Both services charge fees to verify whether providers engage in prostitution or trafficking and issue ID cards as proof.

Los Angeles boasts a flourishing sex worker economy that spans from shops and strip clubs, through latin American style cantinas that serve only men but include sex workers in their back rooms, to streetwalkers who troll the streets wearing nothing more than their G-string.

Many sex workers are teenage girls barely out of their teens who patrol South LA’s 40 block Figueroa corridor for customers, often targeting Bloods and Crips gang members who control it. Sex workers don’t only roam these streets at night; many also patrol throughout the day in search of customers.

Before, police could arrest anyone who looked like or appeared ready to engage in prostitution, but with new laws in California making arrest more difficult, it has now become very easy for officers to mistake someone as being engaged in prostitution just by looking like one or carrying a pair of stiletto heels or carrying other indicators of being sexually active.

There’s no simple solution for how to address this problem, but what may help is for city and nonprofit agencies to work alongside law enforcement to offer assistance for sex workers who have been exploited or mistreated. Also, offering free licenses would likely prove beneficial.

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